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About Us

So, who are we? Why do we do what we do? Well, here at Intelli EV, we’re big electric car fans. 

After all, electric cars have been growing in sophistication and popularity for years now, and it’s not surprising that they have emerged as the only serious competitor to the petrol/diesel engine.

So, when we started back in 2020, we took a look at the market for electric car charging stations, and we thought “this could do better”. 

"Intelli EV was born from a drive to supply EV chargers that are built to the highest quality for the British market. We supply and manufacturer the highest quality EV chargers."

It became obvious to us quite quickly that there was a gap in the market for good quality charging points that were not only adaptable, but affordable, capable of being scaled up and down according to the needs of the user, and all controllable via a single mobile application.

We believe in a series of important values that drive everything we do for our customers. We think that honesty, integrity, innovation, commitment, and old-fashioned customer service are very important points. that last one, old-fashioned customer service, that’s really important to us. 

Back in the day, customer service made you feel like you were important, made you feel like you mattered. That’s something that a lot of companies just don’t do anymore, and we really disagree with it. We devise a tailored, flexible solution for you because we recognise how important it can be to have something unique. 

All of our staff subscribe to the same values that we do. We have built a team of people who are committed to fulfilling our mission objectives, to provide excellent charging stations to as many people as possible who want to make the change to electric vehicles. 

We know that lots of you like the idea of electric vehicles. They're a popular vehicle choice, but one of the biggest concerns that people have is the lack of charging stations. That’s why we have set out to provide charging stations for your home, your workplace, in public areas, so everybody can charge their electric cars.

We constantly look for new ways to improve and innovate. We know that electric car technology is getting more advanced all the time, which is why our charging stations will continue to grow and adapt to suit those needs. We want to make sure that the matter what happens, we provide relevant, targeted services that are going to allow you to charge your electric vehicle whenever you want it.

So, that’s who we are. Here at Intelli EV, we believe very firmly in delivering a charging station service that is built around your needs. What is it that you want from an electric vehicle charging station? That’s what we want to know, because that’s the service that we will provide. We are only interested in delivering tailored, bespoke solutions, so speak to a member of the team today, and find out what we can offer.