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Charging Network EV Solutions.

Whether you are looking to control one or hundreds of EV charging points, Intelli EV gives you complete control.

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Charging Network EV Solutions.

Control Made Simple

Managing your charging port is a very important task, but regardless of whether you are going to manage one or 20, you need access to a control system that has been designed to give you the best results.

It’s important to make sure that you can precisely manipulate each charging port to do what you need to do, when you need it to do it.

Luckily, that’s where we come in. Intelli EV has been designed to offer you some of the best options from day one, because we have a range of charging port control systems that will allow you to keep a proper eye on what’s going on at any point.

Offering staff an electric choice

What it essentially boils down to is giving your staff and customers the choice.

If you’re going to create a new green policy, which a lot of businesses are doing, you need something that illustrates your commitment to that. Having a charging station is a simple solution that can help deliver these goals.

Your staff, customers, and visitors can pick and choose opens up a whole new realm of possibility for them.

Providing tailored green solutions

Intelli EV doesn’t just offer charging stations.

In addition to the charging stations that we provide, we also offer you access to a range of functions within the app that allows you to control our charging ports.

You can easily turn them on and off as necessary, and perform a lot of other tasks that will enable you to get the best results.

We built the app to run smoothly with the charging stations that we provide, regardless of how many you have.

A greener working environment

There are many benefits to a good charging station app, and we are going to talk about them now.

A good charging station app allows you access to unlimited control over all of the charging stations that you have available. The app has been designed specifically to let you pick the individual charging port and adjust it yourself.

The charging station app is designed to pair specifically with our charging stations, so it will always work, and comes as part of our standard service.

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We’ve Got Your Charging Network EV Solution Needs Covered

Intelli EV's diverse range of charging solutions gives you ability to find the right electric vehicle charger for you.

An array of choice

From 7 kW to 120 kW, Intelli EV provides our clients with a rich product portfolio with a solution for every problem.

Full compatibility

Our chargers are compatible with 99.5% of electric vehicles on the market giving you peace of mind when it comes to compatibility.

Complete control

All our chargers are powered by the industry-leading Monta software giving you complete control. Whether it's via the Monta app or RFC card we have you covered.

Built for the UK Market

Our chargers are specifically built for and designed for the UK market and follow all government regulations.

Create a charging network in minutes

Whether your looking to install a few or hundreds of chargers, setting up a network is a breeze with Monta allowing you to generate revenue effortlessly.

OZEV approved

All our chargers are OZEV approved meaning the qualify for UK government grant's and schemes.

Extended 3-year warranty

Unlike most manufacturers, all Intelli EV products come with an extended 3-year warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

Built for the toughest environments

All of our chargers are IP54/65 compliant making them perfect for outdoor use and can even withstand extreme weather types.

Built with safety in mind

All Intelli EV products come with built-in ground, surge, current and anti-welding protection. They also included over/under voltage, frequency, and temperature protection.

Industry Leading EV Charging Software

All our chargers come preloaded with Monta software. Monta is the industry leader when it comes to EV charging software offering you the ability to offer your charge point to the public.

  • Market leading software
  • 2024 regulation compliant
  • Control from your phone, tablet or PC
  • Access control for friends, family and employees
  • RFID Charge keys
  • Smart charging by time and price
  • Ability to switch to public charging
  • Dynamic load balancing