Tackling Transportation Emissions: Electric Mobility in the Workplace

Tackling Transportation Emissions: Electric Mobility in the Workplace

By James Fisher

Electric Mobility as a Key Solution

As the topic of sustainability continues to gain momentum globally, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly crucial piece of the solution for businesses looking to reduce their carbon emissions. Transportation is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, with combustion engine vehicles alone accounting for 70 percent of total emissions from this sector.

The majority of the global workforce commutes to work by car. As such, electrifying workplace fleets and installing EV chargers can reduce up to 10,000 kg of CO2 emissions per employee per year. Although it is important to note that electric mobility is not a silver bullet for eliminating emissions, it can be a helpful tool when implemented along with other actions.

How Electric Mobility Can Help Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Workplace

Reducing emissions is not only a social and ethical issue, as quantifying CO2 emissions can help identify and eliminate inefficient or wasteful processes and reduce energy bills, it can also generate direct economic benefits for businesses.

Reducing emissions can particularly address Scope 1 and 2 emissions. The former refers to emissions directly controlled by the organization, such as the burning of fossil fuels by business vehicles, while the latter includes emissions caused indirectly by a business.

The installation of EV chargers at workplaces can be a catalyst for electric mobility to reduce the carbon footprint of a business. Not only do most modern chargers come equipped with software enabling smart features to ensure efficient charging, but governments are also targeting emissions from fleets, such as a Dutch law that mandates companies with over 100 employees to report CO2 emissions from business travel.

Workplace EV Charging and Energy Efficiency

Installing EV chargers can be an effective tool for moving towards a sustainable future and can benefit more than just the environment. Offering EV charging stations at workplaces can strengthen the relationships with employees and customers, boosting employee satisfaction, and serving as a potential revenue source.

EV chargers’ smart functionalities enable efficient charging and can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The cost of installing EV chargers at a workplace can vary depending on the type or model of the charger. On average, AC workplace EV chargers cost around €1,300 per charge port, excluding installation costs.

Avoiding Greenhushing

Greenhushing, a new corporate sustainability trend, has become a cause of concern among many businesses. South Pole’s 2022 report states that companies are not publicizing their environmental accomplishments, possibly because they are afraid they do not have what it takes to meet their sustainability goals. The incorporation of EVs and EV charging into a sustainable business plan is a simple yet effective way to address this situation by publicly showcasing a company’s sustainability efforts.


Electric mobility and workplace EV charging are becoming essential elements in reducing carbon emissions. The electrification of transport paired with smart EV charging functionalities can help businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The incorporation of EV charging stations can also improve the relationship between a business and its employees and customers while acting as a potential revenue source.

Addressing climate change is undeniably one of the greatest challenges society has faced, and businesses must take steps to reduce their carbon emissions. As the world transitions to a more sustainable future, electric mobility and EV charging in the workplace are increasingly becoming necessary tools to achieve that goal.

Written by James Fisher
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