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Electric Vehicles Chargers for your Home

Our EVS & EVT range offers homeowners a stylish electric vehicle charger that does not break the bank and is built for the UK market.

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Electric Vehicles Chargers for your Home

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

If you own an electric vehicle, or you are thinking about owning an electric vehicle, you need to consider a residential electric vehicle charging station for your home.

These charging stations have been designed to be affordable, accessible, and practical.

They serve a vital role when it comes to your electric vehicle, and give you the freedom to charge whenever you want to, without having to go near public charging stations.

Embracing the Electric Revolution

It’s safe to say that the electric vehicle has really become a common sight in the modern world.

We are running out of fossil fuels, which means that the need for a renewable energy source to power vehicles has never been more prominent.

The clear winner has been the electric car. It is a smart, well-designed, and intelligent piece of technology that offers up access to a broad selection of options.

However, such an important piece of technology does come with one flaw. It needs to be charged. The bulk of charging stations are located in public areas, and they require travel to get to. This is not convenient for everybody, and having a residential charging station in your home makes your life a lot easier.

Built for the British market

We recognise how important it can be for you to get the best possible electric car experience which is why here at Intelli EV, we have made it our mission to provide you with the best vehicle charger for the British market.

The residential electric charging station solution that we provide is carefully designed to give you the simplest, most cost-effective solution when it comes to charging at home.

Our solutions are fully compatible with 99.5% of UK vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Benefits of a residential charger

There are many clear benefits to having an electric vehicle charger in your home. 

You never have to worry about charging again, because you have a charge point that can be plugged in at any point.

Also because your charger is freely accessible, you can access it without having to go anywhere, and plan your trips with a lot more freedom.

Finally having a charger in your home directly contributes to the value of your property, and it’s very affordable.

Overall, having your own charger will save you money in the long term.


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Residential EV Charging Solutions

We’ve Got Your Residential Charging Needs Covered

Intelli EV's diverse range of charging solutions gives you ability to find the right electric vehicle charger for you.

An array of choice

From 7 kW to 120 kW, Intelli EV provides our clients with a rich product portfolio with a solution for every problem.

Full compatibility

Our chargers are compatible with 99.5% of electric vehicles on the market giving you peace of mind when it comes to compatibility.

Complete control

All our chargers are powered by the industry-leading Monta software giving you complete control. Whether it's via the Monta app or RFC card we have you covered.

Built for the UK Market

Our chargers are specifically built for and designed for the UK market and follow all government regulations.

Create a charging network in minutes

Whether your looking to install a few or hundreds of chargers, setting up a network is a breeze with Monta allowing you to generate revenue effortlessly.

OZEV approved

All our chargers are OZEV approved meaning the qualify for UK government grant's and schemes.

Extended 3-year warranty

Unlike most manufacturers, all Intelli EV products come with an extended 3-year warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

Built for the toughest environments

All of our chargers are IP54/65 compliant making them perfect for outdoor use and can even withstand extreme weather types.

Built with safety in mind

All Intelli EV products come with built-in ground, surge, current and anti-welding protection. They also included over/under voltage, frequency, and temperature protection.

Industry Leading EV Charging Software

All our chargers come preloaded with Monta software. Monta is the industry leader when it comes to EV charging software offering you the ability to offer your charge point to the public.

  • Market leading software
  • 2024 regulation compliant
  • Control from your phone, tablet or PC
  • Access control for friends, family and employees
  • RFID Charge keys
  • Smart charging by time and price
  • Ability to switch to public charging
  • Dynamic load balancing