Supercharge your Commercial Fleet with the Autel MaxiCharger range.

Intelli EV and Autel is your perfect partner for fleets of all shapes and sizes offering a diverse range of solutions via the Autel MaxiCharger range.

Supercharge your Fleet Management with the MaxiCharger

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Installing Autel MaxiCharger DC EV chargers can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of a company managing a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs).

These fast chargers provide a high-speed charging solution that can quickly replenish the batteries of multiple vehicles, reducing downtime and ensuring that the fleet is always ready for use.

This is particularly beneficial for companies in the UK that rely on their fleet for daily operations, such as logistics, delivery services, and transportation.

Efficient charging infrastructure ensures that vehicles spend less time waiting to charge and more time on the road, improving overall productivity.

Supercharge your Fleet Management with the MaxiCharger
Supercharge your Fleet Management with the MaxiCharger

Cost Savings and Financial Incentives

Investing in Autel MaxiCharger DC EV chargers can lead to substantial cost savings for companies.

Electric vehicles typically have lower operational and maintenance costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

By installing fast chargers, companies can maximize the use of their EV fleet, reducing fuel costs and minimizing downtime associated with longer charging periods.

Additionally, the UK government offers various incentives, grants, and tax benefits for businesses that invest in EV charging infrastructure, helping to offset the initial installation costs and providing long-term financial benefits.



Supporting Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Equipping a fleet with Autel MaxiCharger DC EV chargers aligns with a company’s environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. As the UK pushes towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero by 2050, businesses can play a crucial role in this transition.

By providing robust and fast charging solutions for their EV fleet, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

This can enhance the company’s brand image, attract eco-conscious customers and partners, and fulfill CSR commitments, contributing to a positive societal impact.


Supercharge your Fleet Management with the MaxiCharger