Can you install a fast charger at home?

Can you install a fast charger at home?

By James Fisher

According to a recent survey, an estimated 80% of EV car charging is done at home. One of the key benefits of owning an EV (electric vehicle) is that you don’t have to worry about making those long trips to the petrol station or filling up your tank the night before or, say, before work. Just plug in your EV and drive away on a full battery the next day!

Fast chargers are quickly becoming common among homeowners, offering a fast and convenient solution (often under an hour to fully charge). 

If you’re wondering whether ‘fast’ or ‘Level 2’ chargers can be installed at home, then the answer is yes, they can definitely be installed, but there are a few things to consider before you invest in a fast-charging point. 

What are fast chargers?  

There are two types of fast chargers: Level 2 and DC fast chargers. While the former can be installed at home the latter are primarily meant to be used in a commercial and/or industrial setting only. As such, they are extremely expensive – out of the reach of most homeowners – and require very powerful and specialised equipment to operate. That’s not to say that you can’t charge your EV using a DC fast charger – you just won’t have access to it at home as they are typically located near highways and around frequently visited routes where drivers must travel for several miles between charging stations. 

So, coming back to Level 2 fast chargers for EV owners looking to install a charging station at home:

A Level 2/fast charger requires 240v of electricity to operate, which all homes have. There’s only one caveat, however, that you need to keep in mind: a fast charger uses 22kW of power which means it requires a 3-phase electrical supply. Most homeowners do not have access to a dedicated 3-phase supply system and end up going with a 7kW charger instead, which falls somewhere between a fast and slow charger. 

This is why you’ll see some homeowners upgrading to a 3-phase supply when they extend their property, install high-power equipment (air-source heat pump) or convert their house into a flat. Furthermore, some EVs are not able to accept a 22kW charge so it’s always good to check the user’s manual before upgrading your home electrical supply. 

Final thoughts on Fast Charging at home

The bottom line is Level 2 or fast charging is really worth your while if you’re willing to spend a little extra – the investment will future-proof you in a way and when you’re planning to upgrade to a better EV, you’ll already have a fast-charging point at home to quickly fill it up. It requires only a one-time home installation and will provide you with many years of convenient, quick, and safe EV charging. 

It will literally take everything you love about your electric car to the next level and cut down your charging time by more than half. Need more information on fast chargers and whether your EV can accept them? Contact us now for a free consultation.

Written by James Fisher
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